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Shaun McDermott Janet Rhys

Charlotte Rhys was founded in 1999 in South Africa by partners Janet Rhys and Shaun McDermott with a single product that marked the start of a remarkable success story...

Their goal was to create a sophisticated and luxurious bath, body and lifestyle range comparable to, or better than, the best international luxury brands. Their combined experience in the luxury retail sector and McDermott’s expertise as a leading cosmetic and pharmaceutical chemist swiftly made this a reality, and today, thanks to the dedication, vision and creative flair of its founders, the brand is firmly entrenched as South Africa’s premier luxury brand.

Within twelve years the brand expanded from a single item to over 100 top quality, luxury products, elegantly presented in the company’s distinctive packaging.

The company has its own state of the art manufacturing facility in Cape Town, and its commitment to skills development and fair labour practice has fostered a skilled workforce and highly competent middle management from previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa. And without compromising its niche market position as the country’s leading luxury brand, the company’s formidable green policy promotes the protection of natural resources and sustainable development, commits to reducing negative impact and stress on the planet and integrates environmental awareness and ethics into its core business strategy.


Innovation is our inspiration and exclusivity the key to our products success. We take full responsibility for and stand by all our products and formulations, which are vigorously implemented by our three cornerstones of Quality, Service and Availability.

All formulations are conceived according to the following criteria:- Green, Safety, Efficacy, Sustainability, Fair trade. We strive to utilize ingredients and packaging which are environmentally friendly, South African in origin and sourced from sustainable resources.

In the Netherlands Charlotte Rhys is imported and managed by Kim van Adelberg who discovered the brand some years ago in South Africa: “In a giftshop in Franschhoek I came across a closet full of beautiful products by Charlotte Rhys. I bought the handcream, No.17, and instantly fell in love. What a wonderful and special scent! When the hotel we visited later on also had their amenities by Charlotte Rhys I was sure: I have to get this brand to the Netherlands“.

Back at home she decides to put her enthusiasm into words and writes to owners Janet and Shaun. Succesfully. Now Kim is importing and managing the eco-friendly, cruelty free and vegan products of Charlotte Rhys in order for you to enjoy in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Eco Friendly Recyclable Beauty Without Cruelty Vegan Approved

Luxury with a Conscience...

Without compromising our market position as a leading luxury brand, we have a stringent green policy that promotes the protection of natural resources and sustainable development, and commits to reducing negative impact and stress on the planet.

The power of nature is our inspiration and we constantly maintain a fine balance between cutting-edge technology and nature.

We develop all our own formulae at our state-of-the-art factory in Cape Town, using natural, organic and botanical ingredients, many of which are unique to Africa, in accordance with the highest international quality and best practice standards.

  • All our products are biodegradable. Bottles are made from 70% recycled material.
  • All our products are free from harmful chemicals and dyes including SLES/ parabens/ petroleum byproducts, liquid paraffin or petroleum jelly/ PEGS [Poly Ethoxylated Glycols]/animal products or derivatives.
  • All the ingredients used in our products are natural, botanic or organic. We regard environmenal responsibility and sustainability as the most important criteria when pre-selecting raw materials. We use many ingredients that are ubiquitously African such as Baobab Seed Oil, Kalahari Melon Seed Oil and Organic Green Rooibos. and our supply partners for these precious African oils are companies that comply with strict sustainability and fair trade protocols. Indigenous plant material is exclusively sourced through ethical supply chains and has been sustainably wild-harvested by the primary producers, actively protecting biodiversity.
  • Our Beauty Without Cruelty accredited products satisfy the ethical concerns of our customers, while meeting their highest standards and expectations of sophistication, luxury and quality. We are proud of the fact that we are the only South African manufacturer of hotel amenities to have received this significant endorsement, a guarantee that none of our products or their ingredients have been tested on animals.
  • We comply with relevant environmental legislation and are committed to supporting ethical fair trade, and socially responsible practice.

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